RV Preventative Maintenance

The best way to ensure you keep your RV healthy and running properly is to keep up with preventative RV maintenance. Preventative services, such as electrical system inspection, can ultimately save you the headache of dealing with a major unexpected malfunction in the future. When it comes time to do your search for RV maintenance near me, considering our reliable and licensed services at RV Fast Fix is a great first step.

Here’s how our team of professionals at RV Fast Fix can assist with your RV maintenance:

  • RV Roof Maintenance: Unfortunately, many individuals neglect to pay attention to the roof of their RV until it becomes a problem. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Wrong. Keeping up with RV roof maintenance can prevent rotting, leaking, and the deterioration of a rubber roof. We recommend performing RV roof maintenance every couple of years to prevent any future damage. Our qualified professionals are trained to thoroughly inspect the roof of your RV for any issues and assist you with any needed repairs or sealants. Let us help keep your RV roof in tip-top shape by completing routine preventive maintenance, so you can avoid needing a complete roof replacement in the near future.
  • RV Battery Maintenance: If your battery is not kept clean and dry, corrosion will begin to build up and affect the performance and life of the RV battery. We offer complete RV battery maintenance that involves checking your battery and the connecting wires for any signs of corrosion and we make sure the battery is in good working order. When our team performs RV battery maintenance, we ensure that everything is ready to go, so you won’t have to worry about any random malfunctions when it comes time to drive your RV.
  • RV Slide Out Seal Maintenance: Slide outs are commonly used in RVs because of the ease of use, but if they’re not properly maintained, you can find yourself dealing with the nuisance of a major repair. RV slide out seal maintenance is important to keep it clean and operating smoothly. Regular RV slide out seal maintenance will include the cleaning of debris as well as lubing the seal to ensure it remains tight and slides smoothly. With regular maintenance from our team of professionals, you can feel rest assured your slide out seal will continue functioning properly.
  • RV Air Conditioner Maintenance: An important part of RV maintenance is routinely checking the charge of the air conditioner, keeping it clean, and inspecting for any possible damage or leaks. By simply keeping up with RV air conditioner maintenance, you won’t have to worry about random breakdowns during the unfavorably humid days. At RV Fast Fix, we thoroughly check that the air conditioner is running smoothly, clear out any blocking debris, and ensure the coils and drain holes are clean. With this thorough RV air conditioner maintenance service, you’ll be sure to spend your whole summer vacation cool and relaxed.
  • Electrical System Inspection: When looking for RV maintenance near me, it’s important to have a complete electrical system inspection conducted. This ensures that everything electrical inside of your RV is safe and working properly to avoid any fires or fuse blowouts. During this specific RV maintenance service, our technicians will inspect the circuits, lights, generator system, receptacles and fuses, and other electrical appliances.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us today to receive our preventative RV maintenance services and keep your RV running safe and smooth throughout the season.

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