RV Awning Repair

Your RV awning provides both comfort and protection throughout all types of weather conditions. However, with windy and stormy conditions, you might find yourself needing RV awning repair for rips and tears. Many small holes can be easily fixed, however, if you find a bigger tear or other problem with your awning, the safest option is to let a professional handle the repair. Since awnings are frequently used when camping and are often one of the most commonly broken parts of the RV, you’re bound to need RV awning repair to keep you safe and dry while on your next trip.

At RV Fast Fix, our technicians are trained to handle all types of awning repairs and get you patched up for your trip. No matter how severe the issue is, we are prepared to treat you as our family and have your awning back in working order. If small repairs are required, we get our technicians right out to you and have it fixed promptly. In addition, if the awning is beyond repair, we can also help you with the replacement of your awning.

Here’s what you can expect from us when we handle your RV awning repair:

  • First, we will assess the severity of the tear to find out how big it is and what we will need to use to repair the awning. Depending on the size, awning tape can be used. However, if the tear or hole is too big, an extra piece of fabric may need to be added to fix the covering.
  • We need to determine if the RV awning repair can be done without a full replacement or not. If the awning is still in good shape, we can guarantee to quickly have your awning repaired.
  • We then ensure the area of the RV awning is dry, clean, and free from debris for the adhesive to be effective. By doing this first, we can be sure that the repair will last longer since the material will adhere without any obstruction.
  • If the extra fabric is needed, we measure the correct size and style so the fit is accurate for the dimension of the hole and the material matches your current awning. We wouldn’t want your RV awning to have an unmatched fabric color.
  • We then complete the repair in your awning with the correct materials to prevent any further damage and remove any excess fabric to assure the repair looks clean and precise.

If necessary, your entire RV awning may need to be taken down and replaced. This can happen if the awning is way beyond repair. Avoiding proper maintenance of your awning and making minor repairs when needed will only cost you more in the long-run. If you are in need of RV awning repair, contact us today to get it fixed right away. Keeping you and your family safe and enjoying your RV is our top priority. Allow our team to come to your location and have your RV awning repaired and we’ll have it done in no time.

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